Item Authorization

Standard NetSuite is great if all your customers are authorized to order the same products and at the same price. But, if you sell different items to different customers at different price points, native NetSuite requires you to manually review all orders to validate customer authorization.

That means that customers are seeing products on your website that they cannot order at prices. Your customer service team and your sales team have to manually verify authorization every time an order is placed. The result? Lots of time and effort by your employees, inevitable errors, and frustrated customers.

That’s why Concentrus created an Item Authorization solution to help you determine which customers see which products, and at what price.

Key Features

Identify Items that Require Authorization
Authorize Customers for Specific Items
Customized Display of Items for Each Customer
Restricted Order Entry and Quote Creation for Specific Customers


Increase Customer Satisfaction
Lower Costs
Eliminate Manual Processes
Systemic Compliance of Vendor Requirements

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