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NetSuite for Customer Support Representatives

Delight Your Customers During Every Interaction With Your Organization

As a customer support representative, you are vital to keeping customers happy. Whenever they have needs, concerns, or issues, you are the first people they call. So that you can address any problems quickly and efficiently, you need accurate, up to date information about your customers.

That’s where NetSuite comes in.

NetSuite is a fully integrated business management solution that provides customer support representatives with a 360 degree visibility to accurate, real-time customer information. With NetSuite, you can see every touch point customers have had with your organization, what they ordered, what they were promised, when they received their products or services, past and open issues, and more.

Because NetSuite is a cloud-based solution, support representatives can speed up case resolutions by accessing relevant customer data anytime, anywhere.

NetSuite allows you to:

Quickly access to relevant data about your customers
Route calls to specific support representatives based on skill set
Escalate issues to relevant teams such a sales, shipping, or finance
Follow up with a case number so that customers can track the status of their issue
Provide self-service tools for customers to track reported issues and view account information

Watch the NetSuite for Support Representatives Video

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