NetSuite for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies around the world are under a lot of pressure to produce higher quality goods faster. At the same time, they are being pressured to adapt to ever changing market demands, new compliance issues, and higher customer demands. NetSuite is the #1 cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for manufacturers because it consolidates all their business functions into a single, integrated platform.

NetSuite provides BOM management, CRM, order management, supply chain management, production controls, self-service portals, financial management, and omnichannel commerce in a comprehensive cloud ERP solution. This comprehensive tool gives manufacturing companies everything they need to make faster, more informed decisions, and accelerate business growth.

56% Actionable Insights

1-5% Gross Margin

30% Inventory Costs

75% IT Support Costs


Thousands of manufacturing companies around the world are using NetSuite.


Adapt to an ever-changing environment by minimizing delays and errors that impact your costs.


Get more out of your existing resources by streamlining operations with suppliers, partners, and customers.


Access accurate, real-time information about every aspect of your business operations anytime, anywhere.

NetSuite for the Modern Manufacturer

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Key Features of NetSuite for Manufacturing


  • Item management
  • BOM management
  • Indented BOM inquiries
  • Revision control
  • Default & alternate routings
  • Project management


  • Demand planning
  • DRP (multi-location planning)
  • Flexible lot sizing
  • Available to promise
  • Forecast consumption
  • Actual or forecasted demand


  • Automatic work order scheduling
  • Infinite and finite capacity assignment
  • Forward, backward and constraint allocation
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Rough cut capacity planning
  • Load analysis

Manage Work Orders

  • Mass create / release
  • Optional linking to sales orders
  • Multiple statuses
  • Materials pick lists
  • Interactive dispatch lists
  • Customizable travelers


  • Receiving inspection
  • Inspection plans and quality control
  • Downtime tracking with reason codes
  • Global performance metrics
  • Incentive compensation tracking
  • Unbuild assemblies for repair


  • LIFO, FIFO, average, standard and specific costing methods
  • Planned costs by version
  • Rollup standard costs
  • Task lists
  • Labor and machine overheads
  • Variance reporting

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