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Need a NetSuite Health Check?

Our NetSuite Solutions Consultants can help!

For companies that have NetSuite but are not using it at its best and highest use, we offer a NetSuite Optimization Assessment. 

Whether you are unclear about the available options within NetSuite or you want to see if there are newer, better solutions, add-ons, SuiteSolutions, SuiteApps, or integrations than the ones you are currently using, we can help. 

During this assessment, we’ll help you understand your opportunities for improvement as well as show you any existing gaps and potential risks. 

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What kind of Companies Need the Optimization Assessment?

  1. Companies that have been on NetSuite for years and want to get a better understanding of current best practices.

  2. Companies without a dedicated IT department to help them maintain NetSuite.

  3. When the people that implemented NetSuite have all left the companies.

  4. Companies who have just experienced a major shift in their business strategy.

  5. Companies who have just experienced a major corporate reorganization.

  6. Companies whose current state is different than their ideal state.

What can you expect?

For a flat rate of $3,000 plus travel, our optimization assessment will include a full 8-16 hour remote or on-site (we HIGHLY recommend on-site) assessment conducted by one of our NetSuite consultants. They will review your current processes with each functional group of your business and provide you with a personalized written assessment of:

  1. Current enabled NetSuite features.

  2. Your system preferences vs. leading practices.

  3. Proposed training paths, process changes, modifications & SuiteSolutions recommendations.

  4. Direct access to our NetSuite Solutions Experts.

Are you currently experiencing an issue with NetSuite or in need of a customization?

Connect with our training and support team.

Our values - Honesty, Humility, Collaboration and Innovation- define who we are. They drive us to deliver world class solutions that are results-driven and mutually profitable to both our clients and our team. We are a complete NetSuite Solutions Provider. That means that we provide NetSuite implementation, customization, integration, support, and training and help our clients get sustainable, long-term solutions to meet their business needs.