Parent Level Credit

Native NetSuite does not allow you to control credit limits for multiple parent accounts under a single “grandparent” account.

IF you have multiple legal entities that are under common ownership, NetSuite creates different parent accounts for separate legal entities. As such, credit is assigned to each parent account. However, if you have multiple legal entities under common ownership, there is no way to control credit limits under one “grandparent” account. It is a manual process that requires employees to check each account, set a credit limit, and ensure that the combined credit limit for all the parent accounts does not exceed the maximum you want to provide. It’s a time consuming process that is very prone to human error.

That’s why Concentrus developed a solution built to allow you to control credit limits for a group of parent accounts under a single “grandparent” account.


Limit Exposure

Reduce unwanted exposure from mutually exclusive parent accounts.

Minimize Errors

Reduce human error by applying logic into the credit calculation.

Save Time

Eliminate manual checking and balancing processes for parent accounts.

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