The Concentrus Toolkit

Our team has created (and will continue to create) quick customizations that help you streamline your business processes within NetSuite. Our Concentrus Toolkit consists of a series of smaller solutions that are built to make processes within NetSuite and Acumatica even more efficient than they are now, use NetSuite to get additional data or insight or provide lower cost solutions for specific NetSuite add-ons.

We encourage you to continue checking in on this page because our Toolkit will continue to grow based on reoccurring themes and needs that we see during conversations with our clients.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out! We would love to help.

Our Toolkit


We’ve created a collections bundle that can be easily customized by NetSuite users. 

NPS for Case Management

We’ve created a Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool. It makes it easy to add a URL with a survey to cases so that you can track customer satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Custom PDF Templates

This tool is designed for the NetSuite user who wants something more polished looking than NetSuite’s standard PDFs, but not as drastic as what you can produce with Advanced PDF. Advanced PDF can be expensive, so our solution provides a happy medium for customers who want a nicer look without the full cost of customization.

Accounts Payable Address for Invoices

Instead of using the email on the customer record to email invoices out, you can direct invoices specifically to your customer’s AP department. With this bundle, you can easily set a different AP email on each customer’s record to save the time it takes to manually change the email every time you want to send an invoice.

Customer Follow-Up List

This makes it easy for NetSuite users to pull records of customers in the CRM without additional interaction. For example, it can target a new campaign, escalate issues to sales managers, or understand if you’re dealing with prospects or long-term clients.

Default Attachments to PDF

NetSuite have an option to send transactions as PDF’s or embedded into emails. Best practice is to use PDF’s but updating the setting can be cumbersome. Our tool makes the process automatic for you.

Auto-Bill Fulfilled Sales Orders

This tool is designed to reduce the number of steps the accounting team has to take during the billing process.

Multiple Email Recipients

Many times, you need to email multiple people at the same time, which this tool helps you accomplish.

Customer Statement Emails

When used with the collections module in NetSuite, you can make getting paid on time a whole lot easier.

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